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Starter Kits

Our starter kits contain all you need to get started in seasoning... 

Cookware Accessories

Our collection of cookware accessories include our seasoning pastes for care and... 

  • A bearded carpenter holding a scribe and a pencil in front of his brown apron. The apron is covered in old paint stains.


    We believe in honesty. Honesty in design, in materials used and in what our products communicate. We just want to make stuff that we can stand for. And stuff that doesn't try to be anything other than what it really is.

  • Yellow rapeseed flowers reaching towards a blue sky


    We strive for sustainability. Sustainability from an ecological and economic perspective. But also based on longevity. We use natural, as local, and as solid materials as possible to create the most durable goods.

  • Simplicity

    We believe simplistic does not necessarily mean minimalistic. By that we let the function dictate the form and steer clear of unnecessary features and decorations. We just like to keep things clean and simple.

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