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Uppåkra of Sweden

No.7 Seasoning Paste for Iron Cookware

No.7 Seasoning Paste for Iron Cookware

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The seasoning paste creates a non-stick surface on your pots and pans, and its rust preventing ablities keeps your iron nice and shiny. It can also be used to bring old cookware back to life.

This is suitable for carbon steel and cast iron cookware alike. It’s actually quite awesome.

The composition of wax and natural oils makes it easy to wipe on in ultra thin coats. The thinner and the more layers makes for a more durable coating.

The No. 7 is based on beeswax and natural seed oils.


Flaxseed oil
Rapeseed oil





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Hand made with care

All our products are hand made with care here in Sweden. That means that each and every single tin of seasoning paste is mixed, poured and labeled by me. Every applicator cloth is soaked, pre-washed, cut and serged by me. They are then packaged and shipped by me.

To you, from me. With care.