How it all started

Image of Markus Burman looking straight into the camera in front of a blurry background of Woods and Pears wallpaper.

Uppåkra of Sweden is a local and small-scale manufacturer of household goods based in the south of Sweden in the midst of agricultural fields and windmills on the foothills of the Viking age settlement of which it bares its name. Being close to that environment is what has shaped us into wanting to make great products of first-class materials that are made to last.

We strive to provide you with good and durable products that make your everyday life easier, but also those that can give your old kitchen and household utensils new life.

Simply put, we make and sell fine high quality products as well as accessories to care for and maintain all your other stuff.

Our story began in beautiful Uppåkra in southern Skåne when Markus wanted to replace the family's old non-stick frying pans with something better. The newly purchased carbon steel frying pans needed to be seasoned and that's where the problems began. A seasoning paste was needed.

There was no such thing readily available so he set out to make his own. A lot of research, many iterations and even more tests resulted in the products called No.7 and No.8 Seasoning Pastes for Iron Cookware.

And with Markus' interest in cooking, profession as an industrial designer and phenomenal ability to always want to buy what is not available on the market, it is certain that these products will pop up as they are developed.