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Uppåkra of Sweden

No.9 Wax Applicator Cloth

No.9 Wax Applicator Cloth

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Wax applicator cloth made from 100% linen. Linen is a magnificent material with unsurpassed absorption abilities. Machine wash warm or boil out the residual wax in a pot of water on the stove when it gets too messy. At the end of its life cycle, just throw it in the compost.

Hand made in Sweden. 

Use the cloth to apply a sparse and even coat of wax when seasoning your carbon steel or cast iron. 


Linen (fabric)
Polyester (thread)




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Hands feeding fabric into industrial sewing machine

Hand made with care

All our products are hand made with care here in Sweden. That means that each and every single tin of seasoning paste is mixed, poured and labeled by me. Every applicator cloth is soaked, pre-washed, cut and serged by me. They are then packaged and shipped by me.

To you, from me. With care.