Who we are

Uppåkra of Sweden is a local and small-scale manufacturer of household goods based in the south of Sweden in the midst of agricultural fields and windmills near the sea. Being close to that environment is what has shaped us into wanting to make great products of first class materials that are made to last.

We strive to provide you with good and durable products that make your everyday life easier, but also those that can give your old kitchen and household utensils new life.

Simply put, good high quality products as well as accessories to care for and maintain all your other stuff.

  • Honesty

    We believe in honesty. Honesty in design, in materials used and in what our products communicate. We just want to make stuff that we can stand for. And stuff that doesn't try to be anything other than what it really is.

  • Sustainability

    We strive for sustainability. Sustainability from an ecological and economic perspective. But also based on longevity. We use natural, as local, and as solid materials as possible to create the most durable goods.

  • Simplicity

    We believe simplistic does not necessarily mean minimalistic. By that we let the function dictate the form and steer clear of unnecessary features and decorations. We just like to keep things clean and simple.

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How it all started

Our story began in beautiful Uppåkra in southern Skåne when Markus wanted to replace the family's old Teflon frying pans with something better. The newly purchased carbon steel frying pans needed to be seasoned and that's where the problems began. A seasoning paste was needed.

The problem was just that no such product was readily available on the Swedish or European market.

A lot of research, many iterations and even more tests went in to the development of the products called No.7 and No.8 Seasoning Pastes for Iron Cookware.

And with Markus' interest in cooking, profession as an industrial designer and phenomenal ability of always wanting to obtain the products he envisions, regardles of them being available on the market or not, it is certain that more products will pop up for sale as they are developed.

And all will be driven by the urge to create the ultimate products.